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There are hundreds of creative writing courses available online, but they don’t come cheap. A course from the prestigious Gotham Writers’ Workshop will cost you between $300 and $500. Online writing courses from Writer’s Digest will cost at least $150 and often go beyond $300. You can take classes from various other reputable sources, but you can expect prices to start around $100.


What About Free Creative Writing Courses Online?


While there are some free online writing courses, you always have to question whether a free course is worth your time. Some free courses are also only free because the instructor hopes to sell you another product that isn’t free. You may still benefit from the free course, but it’s best to go into those situations knowing what they want to sell you at the end and whether that end product is worth the price tag attached. That’s the type of information that you will learn through the creative writing book reviews and online fiction writing course reviews here at Fiction Writing Success.


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Honest, In-Depth Fiction Writing Course Reviews


It’s exciting to come across fiction writing courses that promise to improve your writing skills and help you craft publishable novels and short stories. But how do you know that these fiction writing classes are worth your time and money?

You read reviews of online writing courses and books right here! I personally go through each course before delivering an honest and in-depth review. My goal is to help fiction writers improve their craft. I don’t want you to waste money on classes that aren’t in alignment with your goals or that simply aren’t worth the money for other reasons.

The best creative writing courses will fit your creative spirit in all the right ways:

  • Writing level and career stage
  • Current and future goals
  • Budget
  • Available time
  • Preferred learning style

Some online fiction writing courses are in video format while others are in text form. Some writing classes will recommend or require a textbook that you can buy online while others go entirely off materials presented online as part of the course. You may have homework assignments and exercises to complete between lessons as well.


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Books About Writing – Read Your Way to Fiction Writing Success


creative writing courses

Do you dream of seeing your novel at the top of the Amazon bestseller list?

Do you want to write fiction books that sell?

Do you want to revive your creative spark for personal reasons?


Regardless of your current writing goals, there are books about fiction writing that can help you make those dreams come true. The problem is identifying the books that match your current needs. While there are many excellent writing books out there, you need to find those that will help you advance as a writer. You don’t want to waste time and money on a book that is too advanced or too novice for your current writing level.

That’s where I come in again. I read a lot of books about creative writing, and many of them are useful for fiction writers.

I will continue adding new fiction book, course and resource reviews, so keep watching the review pages for updates! I will also alert you to new reviews in my blog, so make sure to follow along daily!