One-Page Fiction Stories – Steroids for Your Writing Muscle?

When you perform strength-training workouts on a routine basis, you develop strong physical muscles that improve your ability to perform in sports and function safely in daily life. The same thing happens when you practice creative writing daily. Your writing muscle becomes so strong that you can sit down and churn out a short story or a chapter of your next novel without a lot of drama or agony. Whether you want to write for your own pleasure or you’re interested in writing for financial gain, it’s important to build a strong writing muscle. You do this by developing a Keep Reading!

How to Create a Character in 30 Minutes or Less

Your characters are the backbone of your story. If they feel unrealistic, forced or too much like stereotypes, your fiction will fall flat. When they come alive on the page, they will pull your readers into the story for the most dramatic impact. It’s easy to spend hours or even days developing characters for a short story or novel, but that level of planning isn’t always necessary. If you want to develop your characters quickly and start writing, this guide will tell you how to create a character in 30 minutes or less. You will want to continue developing your Keep Reading!

How to Write a Creative Book without Quitting Your Day Job

What did you think of yesterday’s blog post about writing a book in a day? While there are some writers who can pull that off, I know that many fiction writers just can’t make it happen. In fact, you may not even want to make it happen because writing a novel, novella or collection of short stories is an enjoyable process. If you’ve been writing for any length of time, you may have experienced the writer’s high that comes over you in the process of creation. Your characters are coming alive and doing things that you could have never predicted Keep Reading!

Write a Book in a Day – Is It Really Possible?

  Once you decide that you’re going to write a book, you may start wishing that you could snap your fingers and see it in print. This eagerness comes from knowing that you have a valuable story to tell, and you want to get it out into the world as quickly as possible. That eagerness may lead you to clear your calendar and sit down to write a book in a day, but is this really possible? I wrote this post to help you determine whether writing a book in a day is a realistic goal for you. At the Keep Reading!