5 Fiction Magazines Accepting Submissions in May

Do you have those fiction magazine submissions ready? There are some great literary magazines accepting submissions in May, and you have more than a week to get your stories ready for publication.

Crab Orchard Review


This is one of many literary magazines accepting submissions from fiction writers in May. They’re looking for fiction and other creative writing for a special issue following this theme: “A World of Flavors – Writers on Food and Drink.” This is one of the more prestigious literary journals that will give you an impressive byline but not much monetary compensation.

American Short Fiction


This fiction magazine accepts submissions year-round, and they publish three issues each year. While the payment isn’t openly disclosed, they do offer competitive rates. This is one of the few print magazines that are still dedicated entirely to fiction, so it’s worth subscribing and getting a good sense of what they look for in a short story.

The Sun


The Sun magazine submissions are accepted at any time, so you’re not limited to May. This is a market for serious fiction that can pay up to $2,000 per story, so send only your best work. Keep in mind that this market discourages simultaneous submissions and is interested in stories no longer than 7,000 words in length.

Baltimore Review


This is one of the few literary magazines accepting submissions in May, and it will only last until May 31. If you don’t submit this month, you will have to wait until August when the last reading period of the year opens. In addition to a great byline or clip, published authors will receive $40 through PayPal or in an Amazon gift card.



This is another literary magazine with an open reading period that runs a bit later than expected for the industry. May is the final month for fiction submissions, and they look for short stories between 2,500 and 8,500 words. The maximum payment is $200 per story, plus you get a quality publication that will make other fiction writers jealous.

Do you know of other fiction magazines accepting submissions in May? Drop the information below to help other writers get their work before the eyes of hungry editors. 

5 thoughts on “5 Fiction Magazines Accepting Submissions in May

  1. A Healthy Me and CBD says:

    What a great website! I found this website and was shocked by all the beneficial information that you have. I have always been interested in writing, with fiction in the forefront, but lacked ‘motivation’. But once I stumbled on this website, it seems the motivation started revving up! I appreciate all the sites and companies that accept submissions and I REALLY like the supplemental information you provide for all the struggling writers out there. Again, very awesome and very helpful information. Thanks!

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      I’m so glad that you are finding my information useful! The thing about fiction is that so many people are drawn to it and would love to write it, but making the time for it is difficult. There isn’t a lot of financial compensation for most, so you have to really have the passion to pursue it seriously.

  2. Chloe says:

    Great information. My friend recently started writing and I was searching the internet to find some opportunity for her to show her skills. I am glad that I found your article, it made my life so easy. My friend is a good writer and I want to support her. I was wondering which magazine among these would you personally suggest?
    Thanks for sharing such a helpful article.

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      I depends on the type of writing that she’s trying to sell. It takes some time to really study the different magazines that accept fiction and determine where your story will best fit. I suggest she look literary journals up online and read the free stories that most of them provide as a starting point. Ordering subscriptions or sample copies is the next step for the publications that she likes. Tell her good luck!

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