Book Thongs

Book Thong
Book ThongWhat is a book thong? It’s a small piece of ribbon or thread with glass beads hanging from both ends. They slip into the crack of your book to mark your place, leaving the beads to dangle from the ends. The best book thongs have colorful beads of different sizes and textures.

I love when they have a heavier bead on the end because it swings when I walk around holding the book. You could say it’s the little things that make me happy, since book thongs cost around $5 each.

What Do Book Thongs Cost?


BooBook Thongk thongs typically sell for around $5 online but may go up to $15 in bookstores or through Amazon. If you buy homemade book thongs on Etsy or similar sites, you may up to $20.

I generally try to stay around $5 because we’re talking about just a piece of ribbon and some high-quality beads. Some handmade book thongs have small beads from one end to the other, and those can cost a bit more due to the number of beads. I prefer the ribbon because I’m worried that the chunkier thongs may mess up the spine on some books.


Warning: If you like this type of thing, you can get addicted to looking at book thongs online and in bookstores. There are so many colors, textures, patterns and designs, and I can’t get enough of seeing what’s new.



Why Do You Need Book Thongs?


Some people may not consider book thongs a legitimate fiction writing tool, but I beg to differ. Reading and writing go hand in hand. If you’re serious about making money writing fiction, you need to read your biggest competitors as well as the newcomers just entering the market.
Book Thong
little guys hanging at the bottom of Amazon’s charts? Read some of their work as well. You’ll likely discover something new and fresh that the world hasn’t embraced just yet. You need to read books from other genres as well because ideas from those genres may give new depth to your own writing.

The most successful writers are almost always big readers, so you will have a lot of books around you as a writer. I consider book thongs an essential part of my reading and writing life, and they’re one of the most fun fiction writing resources out there. They also make excellent gifts for readers and writers – and don’t forget, they’re affordable!


Where to Buy Book Thongs


Book ThongAll of the images of book thongs on this page are links that lead to some of my favorites. I have bought most of these already, but there are so many other options out there. Don’t assume that my color choices for this page are all that’s available.

Here is a list to my favorite online vendors, but keep in mind that you can also buy book thongs at bookstores and many gift or novelty shops. Some of these links are affiliate links, but the pennies I may receive from your purchase are not at your expense.

Book Thongs at Amazon – Most of the book thongs on Amazon are around $5-$10. Don’t assume you’ve come to the end of their selection when you see other products in the listings. I promise you, they have a lot of to select from.

Book Thongs on Etsy – The average price of a book thong on Etsy is over $14.00, so this isn’t your most affordable option. They do have a much larger supply than Amazon, thanks to the efforts of home-based businesses and crafty people trying to make a buck or two. I personally haven’t found too many that I loved on Etsy, my purchases have come from Amazon and bookstores so far.

Wholesale Book Thongs – This link is to the original creator of Book Thongs, but they don’t have an online store and you need to buy in bulk lots through wholesale. There are so many other options out there today that are just as good if not better than the original brand, including some homemade book thongs.

5 thoughts on “Book Thongs

  1. I am amazed I never knew about these book thongs before reading your post today, I am a big fan of reading books and using them to learn how to do new things. I found your article very tempting to run off and start shopping for these book thongs, I have been using paper book markers to prevent damage to my books but you know how they don’t last very long.

    Thank You

    Maybe a great gift idea for Mother’s Day Too

  2. rmjia says:

    I know someone who loves reading books so much that I can get him these lovely book thongs. Never knew this exists as I had always known only bookmarks which can be very creatively and nicely made as well. I still feel the book thongs look more suited for girls but I can be wrong. Thank you for these creative and lovely gift ideas for book lovers!

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      A lot of them really are girly with the colors selected, but I have seen a few that could be suitable for boys on Amazon. Maybe I’ll make a post featuring a few of them to help. Thank you for our feedback!

  3. Sheila says:

    I have never heard of book thongs before. What a cool little product to have. I am an avid reader and do quite a bit of writing as well. For some of my work I often use small journal style books to keep track of my ideas. This product could be useful there as well. Is there a DYI tutorial available?

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      Here’s a link to a DIY that I found online:…. I think you would probably spend as much making them as you would buying them, but if you already have beads and ribbon or another thin, long material, it could work out cheaper. Let me know how it goes!

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