Writer’s Depression – Is It a Real Thing?

Have you heard about this thing called writer’s depression? I’ve been reading a lot of books about writing from some of my favorite authors, and I keep coming across a theme that really hits hard with me: Writing is lonely! If you talk to anyone who makes money with their words, they will eventually tell you that writing comes down to sitting alone with a computer, typewriter, or pen and paper for long periods of time. If you want to achieve fiction writing success or writing success by any definition, you have to learn how to shut out the world Keep Reading!

Can’t Afford Fiction Writing Courses? Pick Up a Creative Writing Prompts Book Instead

I understand that not everyone can spare hundreds of dollars to participate in the best fiction writing courses. There were many years when I was one of those writers who just couldn’t justify that expense no matter how badly I wanted to improve my skills. The good news is that I discovered one resource that allowed me to learn about the craft of fiction without a big financial investment: the creative writing prompts book.   What Is a Creative Writing Prompts Book?   A creative writing prompt is an image or exercise that serves as a jumping off point for Keep Reading!

Writing Erotic Fiction Stories? Creative Ways to Get in the Mood First

Writing erotic fiction stories that steam up the room and convince readers to turn one more page and then another isn’t as easy as it may seem. Most writers erase more words than they write before getting critical scenes just right. Others may want to burn every short story or novel that they produce because they just don’t feel the sizzle that brings erotic romance to life. If your goal is to write erotic stories that get your readers excited, it helps if you’re excited during the writing process. Your characters and plot alone should get your blood flowing in Keep Reading!

Small Fry Syndrome Support Group

Hi, I’m Theresa. Small Fry Syndrome extraordinaire. If there were a support group for Small Fry Syndrome, that would be my greeting as I stand before my fellow sufferers for an update on my journey away from the small fry mentality. I started Fiction Writing Success because fiction is my passion and I know that there are many other creative writers who are looking for ways to boost creativity, motivation and confidence while deepening their understanding of fiction-writing craft. The problem is that I see myself as the smallest fry in the basket, and I worry too much about disappointing Keep Reading!