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fiction writing booksWhat are the best books for writers? This is a question that I have been asking for years, and I have read many helpful fiction writing books in my quest for information. I created this website to share my personal book reviews for writers interested in improving their craft.

My reviews help you find the best books for fiction writers quickly and easily.

Stop wasting your money and time on writing books that don’t meet your personal needs. Whether your goal is to become a published fiction author, get your short stories published, or just learn about the basic mechanics of storytelling, my personal fiction writing book reviews will help you find the right book at the right time.

I have read each of these fiction writing books personally, and I deliver my honest opinion along with some details about what you can expect to learn from the book. From the good to the ugly and everything in between, I will give you the insider scoop on the best books for writers, including some classics and many of the newest fiction writing books to hit the shelves or your eReader.

Are you ready to read my personal fiction writing book reviews to discover the best books for writers of fiction? Look through the category headings below, and then click on book titles that you want to explore. Each fiction writing book review will open in a new tab, so you can always come back to this page to explore additional fiction writing books. Check back often because I will continue to publish in-depth, honest reviews of the best books for fiction writers.



Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert  
Go into the mind of a successful author to see how fear and creativity influence one another.



Why Buy Fiction Writing Books?

Fiction writing books are more affordable than fiction writing courses, and most writing books require less of a time commitment than long writing courses. While you’ll want to keep the best books for writers on your shelf for years to come, you always have the option to sell some of those books back to Amazon or your local secondhand bookstore. This gives you more money to buy more books about writing fiction. Who doesn’t want more book money?