Fiction Writing Resources

How high would you rank the importance of writing in your daily life? If you haven’t developed a daily writing habit yet, it’s time to start flexing your creative writing muscles! There are thousands of fiction writing resources available online as well as through offline sources, but most writers don’t know about them. In other cases, writers may not realize that valuable tools are sitting right under their nose.

Steal my creative writing resources…and then go write! The world is waiting to hear your voice.


fiction writing resourcesThe Writer Igniter at – A free fiction writing resource that helps you generate new writing topics and story ideas in minutes


fiction writing resources

Scrivener Fiction Writing Software – The best fiction writing software that I have tried to date. It’s affordable and is designed specifically for short story and novel writers.


fiction writing resources

Book Thongs – What can you do with a thin piece of ribbon and a few glass beads? You can mark your place in any book while adding some eye candy to the books you’re reading. Thongs never fall out.