Magic Lessons Podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert

I was so excited when I discovered the Magic Lessons podcast from Elizabeth Gilbert that I binge listened for hours. I still tend to binge listen because my schedule makes it difficult to listen to anything with consistency. This is one of the few podcasts that I listen to consistently, and that’s because it’s a dream podcast for a fiction writer. I would say it’s a dream podcast for anyone with a creative spirit, and it’s a FREE fiction writing resource.

You can search for it through Castbox or any podcast listening program that you use, or just listen on Elizabeth Gilbert’s website.


What is the Magic Lessons Podcast About?


This podcast was born from Elizabeth Gilbert’s amazing book on creativity and fear, otherwise known as Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear. This is a spectacular nonfiction book that I feel every writer, artist and creative soul should read at least once. You can read my review of Big Magic to see what the book is about, but you don’t need to read the book in order to get a ton of information and inspiration from the Magic Lessons podcast.

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