Meet Theresa

I’m the little munchkin with the colorful dress and uneven bangs.

I wrote my first book as a rebellious teenager filled with an angry tornado of nonstop emotion. I’m not sure what inspired me to  turn that emotion onto the empty page. I don’t have a happy story of an uplifting, encouraging English teacher. My parents didn’t push me to excel in the arts. I really had no role models doing much of anything inspiring, yet I somehow mustered the courage to drain my emotions into poetry and short stories from a young age.

I remember printing out every poem that I had written about my loved ones along with simple clipart images. I punched holes in  each sheet of paper and tied it all together with pieces of string. I handed a copy to my mother and instantly regretted that decision. As other people read my words and responded with smiles and positive words of encouragement, something inside me shriveled.

I was more accustomed to negative attention and somehow felt undeserving of the positive feedback. I didn’t trust those rave reviews. I didn’t believe that the words coming out of their mouths matched the thoughts in their heads.

It was years before I showed my work to anyone else. I continued to scribble out poems and little bits of short stories. Characters would spring into my head with such urgency that I had no choice but to write out their dialogue in my notebooks. In between those creative sparks were dark journal entries expressing my desire to make a fast and intentional departure from the world.

I would give anything to go back in time, take that little girl in my arms, and tell her that one day those desperate scribbles would make an impact on the world. I would tell her that the sad journal entries would get shorter with time until they disappeared altogether, giving more space for happy poems and deep reflections on this complex world. As much as I would like to eliminate those years of loneliness and confusion, I know that those early ramblings were the foundation of the writer that I am today.

It’s Within You!

The college version of me.

I started taking English literature classes and creative writing workshops at the college level right after high school. This was where I once again dared to show my work to other people. I was still writing rather dark poems and stories that featured mostly tortured souls who couldn’t find the light in their worlds, but my work was accepted with great appreciation by my peers and instructors. I gained confidence as a writer and eventually went on to submit my work for publication.

I was able to see my name in print a few times before turning my career in the direction of online content writing. Over the past 15 years, I have crafted website content and marketing materials for private clients through the internet. I have enjoyed working from home and setting my own rules, but I lost my creative spark somewhere along the way.

Somewhere in my 30s, I started to really crave fiction writing. I missed characters coming into my mind and demanding that I make their words known. I missed leaping out of bed at odd hours of the night because an amazing storyline pulled me out of my sleep. I had no desire to go back to the fearful little girl who wrote from a level of agonizing emotion, but I knew that my life wasn’t complete without writing short stories and novels.

I came to realize that writing isn’t a chosen profession. It’s not something that you do because you want to make money or you’re ordered to write a report for work or a paper for school. True creative writing is a part of your soul. It burns through you, and you will never feel content with your life if you aren’t living up to your creative potential. If you’ve ever felt empty or like there’s something missing inside you, consider writing the missing piece of your complicated puzzle.

Once you start producing words on a daily basis, it’s amazing how your life can turn around. Complicated life problems are solved through journaling. Confusion is cleared through stream-of-conscious freewriting. Wounds are healed and souls are connected through powerful stories and touching poems.

When you’re called to bring those powerful words into the world, your soul won’t let you rest until you fulfill your destiny. It’s within you.

Why Should You Trust My Fiction Writing Reviews?

As I struggled to turn my brain from writing for others to writing for myself, I wished that I could go back to college and take some of those inspiring writing workshops again. I started looking around online and realized that there are many writing courses, workshops, conferences, retreats and books that can provide the same inspiration without the expense of another college education.

I am now in the throes of learning to silence an inner critic that never seemed to stop me from writing when I was a teenager and young adult. I had such a flow of words that just poured out of me back then, but I silenced that voice as I wrote for clients rather than for myself over the years. Writing courses and books about writing are slowly awakening my courage to put my writing out into the world again, and I want you to benefit from my experiences.

Let’s Journey Together!

We all have our own journeys to travel when it comes to writing, but finding resources to learn more about fiction writing is a desire that we share. I only review fiction writing courses and books that I have personally completed. I give you information that I collect along the way plus some insight into my personal experience with each course or book. You can then use that information to make the best choices for your own writing journey.

Every review found on this site was written from my heart and soul and reveals honest information about each course or book. While I do have some affiliate links that I appreciate you clicking once you decide which courses and books are right for you, my work on this site is aimed to help others first and foremost. I also blog about the ups and downs of my own creative writing life, so feel free to tag along. If creative writing is etched into your soul, let’s journey together!

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