Small Fry Syndrome Support Group

Hi, I’m Theresa. Small Fry Syndrome extraordinaire.

If there were a support group for Small Fry Syndrome, that would be my greeting as I stand before my fellow sufferers for an update on my journey away from the small fry mentality.

I started Fiction Writing Success because fiction is my passion and I know that there are many other creative writers who are looking for ways to boost creativity, motivation and confidence while deepening their understanding of fiction-writing craft. The problem is that I see myself as the smallest fry in the basket, and I worry too much about disappointing aspiring fiction writers who find my website.

I’m just the small fry. Why would anyone listen to me rather than more successful, productive fiction writers with established online platforms?

That right there is the small fry mentality that has been holding back progress on this site for more than a year. It’s that thinking that has stopped me from posting regular blog posts and reviewing more fiction writing courses.



Step One: Embrace the Beginning


Fortunately, I saw through the BS that is Small Fry Syndrome after listening to a powerful video by Gary Vaynerchuk last night. He mentioned that no one thinks about the beginnings of successful people. They only focus on where they are today, forgetting completely about the path they took to get there.

This got me thinking about a few basic truths:

  • Those successful, published fiction writers with established online platforms started where I am right now. They didn’t wake up successful. They spent months if not years putting in the hard work as small fries.
  • If I don’t get over Small Fry Syndrome and start doing the work as well, I will forever remain nothing more than the small fry.

So, step one in the Small Fry Syndrome recovery program is to embrace the beginning. Thanks to that short video, I have a renewed focus on Fiction Writing Success. I’m at the beginning, but the only way to progress is to show up consistently and move myself along the path through hard work and determination.



Fiction Writers Aren’t Born


While I believe that I was born with a natural drive to write, I admit that successful fiction writers aren’t born. Behind every successful author is a collection of rejection slips, hours upon hours of writing practice and perhaps a few desk drawer novels that will never make it into print.

Every author starts out as a small fry. Some will do the work to grow into the plumpest, fiercest fries in the basket. Others will allow Small Fry Syndrome to take them out of the game, and the world will be forever robbed of their literary contribution.

The process of becoming the big fry is just as important as actually being the big fry.

If you also allow Small Fry Syndrome to stand in your way of success, leave me a message below. Join the support group. Let’s overcome small fry mentality one productive day at a time.

6 thoughts on “Small Fry Syndrome Support Group

  1. David says:

    Love your article! You touch on (I believe) a universal characteristic of the human condition, inadequacy. Everyone in society grows up in a social setting. As a kid everyone has felt the sting of failure, the embarrassment of being picked on, and we bring those experiences with us to adulthood. The question is, how do we persevere while feeling like the inadequate kid we all were? You, I believe, have the right attitude. We must embrace the process, failures and all, and move forward. Accept your place in the world today, but know that tomorrow you will be one step further along your path. Great post, Great advise.

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      Absolutely! This is often referred to as “imposter syndrome” in the writing world, but it is something that I believe most people go through in any field. Thank you for taking the time to read, David!

  2. Netta says:

    Hey Theresa:

    What a lovely article! Thank you!

    It’s a very good reminder that everybody has to start someplace, and nobody remembers that the “overnight success” often took years of hard work, making mistakes, and getting sidetracked and so on and so forth to get there.

    A Small-Fry Syndrome Support Group sounds like a really good idea to me.

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      And it’s so hard to get started with something new because you feel like you may be wasting your time. Guess this is why not everyone is successful in life. It takes some bravery and a ton of determination.

  3. Sophia says:

    Thank you for putting things into perspective and reminding me to keep putting in hard work because if I dont even just give things a shot, then the world is going to miss out on whatever I have to offer, and its valuable as much as I make it. Being a small fry is dependant on putting one foot in front of the other, again and again. Eventually I will be a BIG MAC BABY!

    • Theresa Hammond says:

      LOL Sophia! Yes, we are all on our way to being Big Macs, but we won’t get there if we never start and we don’t do the hard work.

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