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diyMFA by Gabriela Pereira is one of my favorite writing books, and she happens to have an excellent website full of resources for beginning as well as seasoned fiction writers. The Writer Igniter is basically an interactive writing prompt machine. You hit a button to automatically generate a character, setting, prop and situation that you can use to spark short story or novel ideas. Keep hitting the the “shuffle” button to get as many ideas as you want because this is a FREE fiction writing resource.

Take a look at this screen capture…it’s amazingly simple to use:


fiction writing resources


How I Use the diyMFA Writer Igniter


This is one of my go-to fiction writing resources when I’m struggling with writer’s block. When I want to start a new story but don’t know how to get it started, this tool is perfect for coming up with a starting point. I may go back and take that starting point out later, but at least it gets me writing in the moment.

I have also used this tool to quickly generate fresh ideas for stories that I have already started. I always try to give my stories a fresh spin that the reader won’t expect. The Writer Igniter is perfect for making unusual connections and thinking of new concepts that can elevate my fiction to new levels.

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